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Soda, Juice, Tea, Coffee, Water
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Coca-Cola Classic Diet Coke Diet Coke with Lime Pepsi
Diet Pepsi 7-Up Diet 7-Up Dr. Pepper
Diet Dr. Pepper A&W Cream A&W Root Beer Mug Root Beer
Sunkist Orange      
Juice Menu      
Hawaiian Punch Welch's Grape Minute Maid Orange Juice Juice Bowl Apple Juice
Juice Bowl Grape Juice Campbell's V-8 Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Ocean Spray Apple Juice
Gatorade Gatorade Tiger    
Coffee, Tea Menu
Lipton Green Tea Lipton Diet Green Tea Nestea Starbucks Frappucino
Water Menu
Propel Fitness Sobe Life Water Glaceau Vitamin Aquafina
Dasani Red Bull    
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